Know Types Of Boots You Should Wear

Boots are footwear that covers the ankles and feet. They usually reach up to the hips, knees and the legs. Numerous types of boots have heels. They are also usually made of leather or rubber. But, they are also available in various kinds of materials. Boots are functional and yet fashionable. They protect the feet and legs from water, snow, or mud. They also provide care for the ankles.

Boots are comfy, and you can wear them with various types of outfits. The following are ways on how you should wear your boots if you are want to have a great appearance.

Knee High Boots

jbhbhtbThey can be worn with various outfits in different occasions. You can choose to wear them with a dress, skinny jeans, skirt, or also a pair of shorts. The shoes look fabulous in the wearer whether you are tall or short. Go for those with a heel if you are short. Avoid a tall heel if you want to walk comfortably. Experts advise that you regularly create a fantasy of height by putting on boots whose heel is the identical color as the boot. It will make your legs look thinner if you go a little bit loose boots if your legs are stout.

Ankle High Boots

hbfhbghgfIt’s usually challenging to pull off a fabulous look with these boots, but it’s achievable when you make some considerations. You should wear the boots with miniskirts, short dresses, and shorts if you have no problem with showing your legs. On the other hand, You can wear a long skirt or skinny jeans if you are not confident with the look of your legs. Fashion specialists recommend that you not to wear any outfit that is knee height as it tends to cut your legs in half so making your legs look too short. This means that you should avoid wearing Capri shorts and a mid-length skirt.

Upper Thigh Boots

The have been voted as the sexiest boots to wear in various occasions. Fashion experts suggest that you wear them with a black pantyhose or a mini skirt. As per the experts, you show petite but give hopes of more when you wear like that. Wear the shoes with skinny jeans if you happen not to be confident enough to wear a mini skirt.  Ensure that the color of the boots resembles that of your jeans to avoid cutting your legs.